Employer brand marketing, we’ve been at it for 40 years

We all understand we’re more likely to buy a product that has a name we’re comfortable with. Successful HR teams understand we’re more likely to choose an employer whose name we respect. And more likely to stay there longer. That’s Employer Brand Marketing summed up and we’ve been making waves in the talent acquisition business since 1982.

Building your reputation through social media

We write design manage and update career social media pages. It’s the full turnkey solution. We create the page, we design the graphics, we edit the videos, we come up with the content. We post three to four times a week. We’ll visit your locations, get some good footage and interviews.

Of course, nothing goes out without your prior approval. We plan a schedule ahead at all times. But we do the legwork of coming up with and populating interesting and appealing posts. We suggest when and how they need boosting. And each month you’ll see a written report and engagement, reach and feedback: a steady continuous improvement in your employer brand.

Social Media Icons On A Screen
Social Media Icons On A Screen

Establishing your reputation through Glassdoor

When you take the trouble to build an employer brand you start getting brand advocates. Negativity should it exist – gets overtaken by positivity. We’ll set up and manage your pages on platforms such as Glassdoor and show you how improving employer brand is demonstrable.

Attracting your talent through job boards, media and social.

When you have an employer brand, attracting people to join you becomes much easier. They are already warm. You are already a known quantity. They’ve come to understand your culture. They get it. They like it. They want it.

Our social media will already be attracting speculative applications but you may have a particular urgent employment need and we sort it. We write the ads for you. We know the most cost-effective media or job board for each job title. We advise you every step of the way but we understand the urgency too, so you’ll appreciate our speed as well as our proactiveness. We negotiate the media rates and get you the best deal suing our size history and experience.

What we do

We use a huge variety of skills and techniques to attract the right talent to your role because it’s vital to cover all potential avenues that your role may require.

  • Websites
  • Employment campaign microsites
  • Printed and online literature
  • Staff handbooks
  • Health and safety guides
  • Newsletters and magazines
  • Candidate application software
  • Posters and outdoor marketing
  • Radio and TV advertising

How we do it

Find out how we’ve attracted talent to some of the biggest companies, both in the UK and accross the globe, by clicking below torequest one of our case studies.

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Read how we managed staff attraction for a top name in hospitality

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Read how we built the employer brand for a major logistics player


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Like all the best teams, our people are passionate experts–techies, strategists, journalists, communicators, designers, developers and more – working together as one.

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If your product or service doesn’t have a brand image it becomes a commodity, sold only on price. Similarly, if your employer brand is unknown then you’re not attracting the best talent, and its more costly in the long term to reach the mediocre talent.

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